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A modern judgment, intervention and intercession that is actually inspired by the Spirit of truth is not to issue commandments. It cannot be imposed, and it is designed not to condemn but to educate; not to punish but to correct; and not to destroy but to save.

It merely counsels and guides humanity to the truth, explains religious prophecies and the nature of God as much as possible, pleads for the poor, the elderly and the disadvantaged, celebrates our diversity, shows you things to come, and suggests how we may proceed forward toward a brighter future together.

It’s about the liberation and empowerment of the people, so that we may finally become the family of religions and races and nations with governments that will be truly of the people, by the people, and for the people, at long last.

Whose Side is God On?

And How Will the Conflict and Tribulation End?

There are many opinions about who God loves and supports, spiritually, but this is true and certain: God is not on the side of proud and militant hypocrites who have God on their lips while they have lust in their hearts for unjust gain and personal power, wealth and domain. For they serve “Mammon” and themselves, not God or Country.

Mammon is of course what Jesus of Nazareth called it, but the same principle applies to all religious and spiritual teachings. It doesn’t matter what you call it, just as it doesn’t matter what name you use for God, or whether you believe in God or not. "Mammon" is material wealth, and those who are driven by greed and self-interest and seek and fight for it put their soul in jeopardy, as enlightened spiritual teachers like Jesus indicated. 

Lots of "religious" zealots, most of whom claim to be either Jews or Christians or Muslims, claim that God is on their side. However, the truth is that God, or that which is called God, which always was, is and shall always be, is on the side of the vast majority who are humble, gentle, kind, generous, peaceful and “meek.” And it is the meek who shall inherit the earth.

When that happens when prophecy is fulfilled, governments will actually be of the people, by the people, and for the people, and they shall promote the general welfare and use the common wealth for the common good, as Jesus envisioned and as all good people of conscience and true morality inherently understand, regardless of their religion, and whether they are religious or not.

God most loves peacemakers, and we need to choose a peaceful path of meekness. But being "meek" does not mean weak. It means strong -- strong in convictions, and in virtuous principles. 

It means that even though we need to choose an unoffensive path of non-violence, we can still speak truth to those in power and demand peace, freedom, liberty, and justice -- calmly, and without malice. And it means that we should try to see why we should love even our enemy, because in some instances our enemy just might be a reflection of our selves.

We need to choose the path of peace because if lasting peace could really be “won” by waging offensive crusades, partisan political campaigns, or wars, then there would be peace in the world. But we do not have peace because lasting peace cannot be won. Lasting peace can only be made.

Lasting peace can be made by treating all others as we would want to be treated if we were them; by reconciling differences, making amends, and granting and providing all people with equal rights and equal opportunities. And, ultimately, lasting peace will be made by fair-minded peacemakers, armed only with the authority provided by divine intervention and intercession of prophesied righteous judgment.

That is not to say that people were not justified by fighting back against tyrants, despots, aggressors, occupiers, and military industrial imperialists, nor is it to say that they were wrong to do so. However, we may now advance and progress beyond the need to do so, if we are courageous enough, and wise enough.

The world has been through many wars, especially during the last hundred years, and we are now at a stage where most people can that see the present wars are not merely about land, resources, property and political ideologies. They are also about opposing religious doctrines and ideologies, and about grossly unfair income disparity. And these divisive conflicts and wars are preventable with proper understanding,reasonable discourse, and fair analysis.

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

Those with true wisdom have always said that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and the same is true for a neighborhood, community, city, state, nation, and world.

We are divided because people fight for power over each other. Most of them feel entitled to rule, whether it’s because of their wealth, or whether it's in the name of their religion or religious sect or nation or partisan political party or race or culture. They think theirs is superior and entitles them to rule. But, as long as they continue to do so we will not have equal rights, real liberty, true justice, or lasting peace in the world.

Only when we acknowledge that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable human rights, regardless of our religion, nationality, race, culture, or wealth, will we have real and lasting peace, freedom, and justice.

Unfortunately, actually establishing real and lasting peace, freedom and justice is extremely difficult, as is painfully obvious. The battle between the sexes, races, religions, nations and political parties continues despite all previous efforts to stop it, and the only way to stop them is to quell their motivation and their egocentric and ethnocentric desire for power and control. 

To completely achieve that may take generations. However, we can take the first step, and America can start leading the way.

We can start when the vast majority of the American people agree that Thomas Jefferson’s “wall of separation between church and state” is necessary (as the Supreme Court confirmed in 1947), and that we should establish The 21st Century Declaration of Independence and utilize Article 5 of the Constitution to change and reform our political and economic systems so that they serve in the best interests of all of us, not just certain interest groups, and not just the wealthiest few. 

We will establish real and lasting peace, freedom and justice -- and enjoy widespread prosperity -- only when enough people learn the truth about why humanity is so divided and in conflict. For only then can the people realize how we can unite and establish peace, freedom, and justice for all.

Why We Fight

People are fighting for power over each other for various reasons – to rule; to be the boss and get others to do as we want them to do; to have political power, personal power, wealth and possessions; to obtain natural resources, territory, domain, empire, etc. 

Furthermore, as has been the case many times throughout history, partisan political battles and wars are being fought by those who justify themselves by claiming and perhaps believing that God is on their side. And they are willing to fight, kill and die because they believe that.

Why do they believe that? Because having a deep and sincere belief that you know and serve God can actually empower you, whether it’s true or not. That's why religious cult members are so driven. It's why members of "Muslum" cults like al Queda and the Taliban are so driven. It's why extreme Orthodox Jews are so driven. And it's why even larger cults like the "religious right" or "Christian" Dominionists in America are so driven. The all actually believe they serve God.

That is why divisive, harmful leaders have been and are able to convince their followers that they serve God, because they actually believe it. In fact, throughout history many emperors, kings, presidents and prime ministers have believed it, and even many dictators and tyrants believed it. Even the Fascist Nazi Adolph Hitler believed it, and he actually said so in his signature book and early speeches as he was rising to power. 

Even today many politicians, authors, pundits, televangelists and preachers believe it, knowing not what they do, or what they have done.

It's not new. It has happened repeatedly throughout history, and it is one of the reasons why the world is as it is today.

That’s why it is important to understand that a good leader helps you understand that we are all in this together, that we are all children of God the Great Spirit-Parent, and that we can reconcile our differences if we all acknowledge the truth — the real truth, and the whole truth -- and make amends as we serve the greater good and use the common wealth for the common good. 

Granted, sometimes political differences are irreconcilable because some conflicts are created by those who are merely greedy and selfish and don't consider or care about what impact they have on others. Instead, their actions are at the expense or to the detriment of others. That is why we are suffering from the consequences of the actions of those who have been and are corrupt, greedy and uncaring.

That is why we, the people, must establish government that is actually of, by and for the people, and take steps to establish equal rights, freedom and justice, and ensure that government serves the interests of all the people.

However, we cannot do that using old, failed methods. We cannot follow the traditions established by those who have believed that peace can only be won by waging war, either through partisan political battles, or violent deadly battles in war. We cannot follow traditions followed by leaders who have fought for victory for themselves and their supporters and followers, and for their partisan political party or their nation or religion. That is why the world is as it is. We haven't advanced much in that respect, so we must choose a better way.

The Divine Intervention, Judgment, and Intercession

The modern son of man was sent to deliver the judgment that will ultimately enable the humble, gentle, kind, generous, peaceful people to inherit the earth. It will enable them to do so because the judgment will render the proud, militant, greedy people contrite of spirit, and make them realize how and why they should change their ways for their own good. 

The modern son of man is a prophet who will succeed because he is not like the prophet Isaiah, who was hated and martyred by certain Jews who resented being told they were hypocritical, greedy and selfish, nor is he like the prophet Jesus of Nazareth who was also hated and martyred by certain Jews and the Romans who resented being told they were hypocritical, greedy and selfish. For the modern son of man has the Internet, where his words can be seen in a flash, like lightning, all over the world -- and he can stay "hidden" as the prophet Isaiah prophesied.

The message he delivers from behind the scenes will ultimately enable the people to reconcile their differences, ensure that all offenders make amends, make peace, and focus less on the weapons of war and more on the tools of production.

That is why the prophesied judgment is needed, because otherwise it would be impossible to turn back those who are caught up in the heat of battle, especially if they believe their cause is just and right. And it would be especially difficult to get them to make peace when they believe they must fight and win a "holy war against evil," as so many proud and militant Muslims, Jews and Christians do.

In fact, that’s why U.S. President George W. Bush attacked and occupied Iraq, because false shepherds and false prophets had led him to believe it would fulfill Christians prophecies of the warring "sixth angel" who "poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates..." (Revelation 16:12) That’s one of the reason’s Bush claimed he was "doing God’ will." He had been led to believe that Iraq must be invaded to thwart "Gog and Magog," the symbolic evil forces also mentioned in the book of Revelation.

However, while many of the ancient prophets foresaw and foretold the wars, John used symbolism to depict the terrible tribulation and horrible events we have been going through. Furthermore,the Greek word "Apocalypse" actually means to "uncover, reveal, or unveil" the truth that has been ignored, forgotten, misinterpreted and misunderstood. The phrase apokalupsis eschaton literally means "revelation at the end of the aeon, or age," and part of that revelation is that the wars were caused by Man, not by God.

Man justifies the need for war, and the way he justifies himself has become ever more "reasonable," and seemingly "patriotic and religious." 

For instance, the Reaganite "Religious Right" and Neo-Conservative political movement in America formulated a plan in 2000 in a document entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, written by a right-wing conservative think-tank called Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

That document called for "American global leadership" that will "shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests," and it called for a "dominant American role in the Mid-East." It describes American armed forces abroad as "the cavalry on the new American frontier.." 

That is why in 2003, despite valid and informed advice and intelligence, the Bush administration concocted misleading "evidence" to justify a "preemptive" attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq so that Halliburton (Dick Cheney's company) could gain control of the oil fields there.

That, of course, is not to suggest that the misguided, proud and militant leaders of the American "Religious" Right are the only problem. Obviously, there are misguided, proud and militant Jewish Zionists and Muslim radicals who also distort their religion and their religious prophecies to justify themselves in their "holy wars" trying to rule in the same way.

That is why we all must understand the prophecies of our religions, and the will of God.

The Will of God and the Golden Rule and Universal Divine Imperative

The will of God is that we love one another, that we treat others as we would want to be treated if we were them, and that the humble, gentle, peaceful and meek majority of us shall inherit the earth, make peace, focus on the means of beneficial and fruitful production rather than on tools of war and destruction, and use the common wealth for the common good.

That will happen just as soon as those who are greedy, proud and militant are humbled and rendered contrite in the face of good judgment and widespread universal truths, as was prophesied. It cannot be done otherwise. The prophesied intervening judgment is needed to set people straight, foster reconciliation and peace, put offenders in their place, and enable the meek to inherit the earth.

Christians should know that this is true and they should acknowledge this judgment, because all the signs of the coming of the son of man have taken place. Jesus of Nazareth said the people of the world would suffer from terrible tribulation, not only from wars and rumors of war, but also with diseases, pestilence, the "seven plagues" (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, diseases, pestilence, famines, floods and droughts), and "many other terrible things," as Jesus put it, and many other prophets foresaw the same thing.

But, the modern son of man tells you that the natural disasters are not so-called "acts of God." Most are random acts of nature, caused by stormy weather, geological changes and climate changes, including those caused by global warming due to Man's vain folly.

Most "natural" disasters are really the result of man's greed, carelessness, pollution, iniquity, and even negative emotions, because this world and all life on this planet are one interdependent ecosystem – one living organism. When significant parts of it are badly damaged or in disharmony or out of balance, or there is widespread human pain or suffering, it causes many different kinds of harmful effects on, around and within this planet. It is as if our whole world is like us, and when our body, mind and spirit-soul are not in harmony, we are troubled and suffer in certain ways.

That is why the righteous judgment is needed to set people straight, guide you to the real truth, and show you things to come. And it must be comprehensive, and it must consider past history to explain current events and show what is to come. That is why there are many articles on or linked to this site, covering all the major issues of the day regarding government and religion.

"A Time for War, A Time for Peace"

Of course, there have been times when righteous battles had to be fought. There have been times when a just, purely defensive war had to be fought against offensive, imperialistic aggressors intent on ruling by force. And there still are, and may still be for awhile, until we can establish real justice and a lasting peace.

There are times when police must use force to protect us. For some people give in to temptation and are ruled by evil thoughts that a deluded ego thinks are "right and justified." And, therefore, there are times when such wickedly deluded people can be stopped only by using force.

However, war is hell, and even the best of men do atrocious things in war, believing that the ends justify any means. That is why there has been no military victory won by purely defensive actions, and there has been no nation innocent of horrendous war crimes.

Furthermore, today all sides that fight are extremely offensive, and it is now very difficult to see how any of those fighting in wars today can claim they are fighting a purely defensive war.

That is why they need to be reminded of the true message of the Hebrew Torah and Tanakh, the Christian Bible, and the Qur’an. For while those books and/or common sense tell us that we have a right to defend ourselves and protect others if and when their lives and well being are threatened, the justification of "self-defense" has been so distorted by all sides that it has become an excuse and justification for mass murder of innocent people. 

Whether it’s committed deliberately by radicalized Muslim extremists who justify themselves with a misguided blanket condemnation of entire religions and nations, or whether it’s committed by Jews and Christians as "accidental collateral damage," it is still mass murder of innocent people.

Unfortunately, Jews, Christians and Muslims who believe they are waging "holy war" have been misled by those who have misinterpreted the symbolic prophecies and distorted the purpose of their religion to justify their desire and quest for worldly power and domain. (Also see Why the "Religious Right" Is Wrong.)

The same attitude was apparent during the early Crusades for Jerusalem, which pitted Christians against Muslims. That period of world history (1099 - 1244) is important and relevant now, because in America and Israel, especially during the last 30 years, the proud and militant "religious right" has been gaining more and more political (and thus military) power, and that is why the Muslims in the Mid-East have understandably felt threatened and have grown more and more frustrated and desperate.

That is why some Muslims have been so easily misled and taken in by hypocrites who have incited them to fight an offensive false "Jihad," in spite of the fact that the Qur’an clearly defines Jihad as a purely defensive action. They simply ignore the fact that the Qur’an states that Muslims should be courteous to Jews and Muslims because they all believe in "the same God." Moreover, the Qur’an states that Muslims should be patient in adversity and refrain from retaliation — which, by the way, is very similar to the teaching of Jesus which advises us to "turn the other cheek" rather than retaliate by striking back. (See the article About Islam.)

Wise people saw this coming 30 years ago, and many progressive and moderate religious scholars have since joined the modern son of man in trying to foster understanding and mutual respect among religions, and trying to offer a more common sense view of all the symbolic prophecies (which are, after all, so open to interpretation). But the truth has been largely ignored by people who follow those who beat their chest, wave their flag, thump their bible and rattle their swords.

That is why God's principal messenger must resort to "tough love," because truly righteous judgment must expose and rebuke the religious bigots and hypocrites, and because the worst leaders of the proud and militant zealots are as wolves in sheep’s clothing, and as the blind leading the blind.

They may quote isolated words and phrases from the scriptures of their religion to justify themselves, but they interpret scriptures to suit their own purposes, simply ignoring all the words of universal truth that reveal how and why they are wrong. In other words, they thump their bible claiming to serve God’s will, but do not understand it.

They can be seen on many television shows, and they have written many "religious" books and Web blogs, pushing their misguided interpretation of scriptures and denigrating and condemning all who disagree with them. They lead their gullible readers and listeners to believe in the superiority and preeminence of their religion or religious sect, and they have even taken to labeling others not only as "godless," but even as "evil" or "satanic."

Is it any surprise that their shameless arrogance, bigotry and hatemongering has fueled the fires of conflict and war?

How Will the Meek Overcome and Inherit the Earth?

Since the partisan political conflict and wars of today are in part "holy wars," fought over religion almost as much as over liberation, turf and material concerns, it is appropriate to point out divine, universal truths -- that only light can drive out darkness, only good will overcome evil, only love will overcome hate, only kindness will overcome anger, and only the real truth will prevail over the false beliefs and false doctrines that divide us.

That, of course, is nearly impossible to believe if you are full of hate and anger, because all you can see are reasons why you are right and why your enemy is wrong. You believe your judgment of what is good and evil is clear cut, and black and white. But the truth lies in the wisdom colored gray, which comes from mixing black and white. 

When you realize the real truth, you see it as self-evident, regardless of religion. You see that God, or the Universe or Divinity by any other name, favors and blesses the loving, humble, gentle and peaceful people of earth. That is what any true servant of God is supposed to tell us.

Unfortunately, the authors of canonized religious scriptures were only human, and most of them allowed their personal judgments and opinions to come through in their writing. After all, human beings are easily tempted to be judgmental and self-righteous. It’s very easy and seemingly innocent to just write whatever you think, but what we think is not always right, or correct. 

The modern son of man readily admits that, because even though he has learned to accept the mysterious guidance from the Spirit of truth and be very careful in finding or receiving the right words, he admits he is certainly not infallible. No man ever has been infallible, not even the greatest avatar or siddhi or buddha or mashiach or prophet or christus. They were all only human, and the only Divinity is the eternal, infinite, omnipresent Holy One which is God by any other name -- and besides God there is no Savior.

The truth is that God loves us all. Moreover, the truth is that the good people of the world will inherit the earth through peaceful, nonviolent political activism and citizen initiatives that will ultimately reform our governments so that they may be truly of the people, by the people, and for the people – rather than of, by and for the wealthiest few.

In America, the Founding Fathers provided us with the way to do that in Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which we can utilize through citizen initiatives and constitutional convention to ultimately establish new amendments that will update the Constitution, ensure full rights and equal opportunities for all the people, prevent monetary wealth from ever again being the means of gaining and maintaining political power for the wealthiest privileged few, and finally establish truly representative government that will unite and serve us all. 

In other words, we can finally establish government that is actually of the people, by the people, and for the people, at long last. And a blueprint for that is suggested in the article titled The 21st Century Declaration of Independence.

In that way, America can finally become the truly United States of America and a good example the Founding Fathers meant it to be.

We must beware of the deceivers, though, because evil loves to masquerade as good, and it sometimes even thinks it is good. That is why the message of judgment exposes such deceit, because countless demagogues have risen to power the same way, by making a show of being proudly patriotic and religious, saying their religion or nation or race or culture are superior. And they still are.

That is why the greatest lessons of history are that pride goes before destruction, arrogance goes before a fall, hate begets hate, violence begets violence, we reap what we sow, and those who live by the sword perish by the sword.

That is why perhaps the greatest words to the wise are that God wants all of us to make up, overcome, confess our own failings and offenses, reconcile conflicts, mend divisions, make amends where amends are due, and thereby make peace.

Religions should teach you that even though God loves all of us, like any good parent, God finds it sometimes necessary to correct and chastise us in mysterious ways. But even though many religious stories were written for dramatic affect in an effort to ensure good behavior, no real God or good parent harms their children, even though a good parent must discipline and even chastise their children when necessary to correct them and set them straight.

Furthermore, even though it’s been said that we should fear God, that is because we should fear the natural karmic consequences of our own wrong doing. And we should indeed fear the repercussions and consequences of our offensive thoughts, words and deeds, because we do indeed reap what we have sown. And as we judge, we are judged.

That is why, above all, religions should teach humanity that we should treat all other human beings as we would want to be treated if we were them. That is the Universal Divine Imperative common to all religions, and it’s common sense to all conscientious and empathetic human beings.

Religious people who understand that universal truth are more content and at peace with themselves and others. They realize that their happiness is enhanced by their faith, but they respect other faiths too, and they realize that great happiness also comes from their relationships with other human beings, regardless of their faith or religion.

The Washingtonian and Jeffersonian Way

Thomas Jefferson wisely said that a man’s faith is between him and God, and "he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship." Most of Jefferson’s fellow Founding Fathers agreed with him, which is why they wrote Article 6 and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They understood that there could be no religious freedom unless government respected all religions and ensured freedom from any kind of theocratic intrusion into the workings of government by any religion or religious sect.

Nevertheless, the Founding Fathers understood the true purpose of religion, because most of them were Deists, and like George Washington some were Freemasons who believed in Divinity and respected and had knowledge of the core message of the world’s religions. 

The knew that what really matters most is treating others as you would want to be treated if you were them, being kind, helpful, friendly and social, having a sense of belonging to a community, working together as equals, and recognizing all human beings as part of the greater family and community.

That is why the prophecies of all the world’s religions come to the same conclusion, that this passing age of conflict and division will end and a new era of understanding, cooperation, collaboration and peace will ensue.

That’s why conscientious, liberal, progressive people should rally — not around any individual man (or woman, for that matter), but around a message, because it’s the message and not the messenger that’s important.

The truth, and nothing but the truth, can and will liberate and empower us and enable us to inherit the earth. But it’s really up to you to make the dream come true, for while the son of man has turned the key, it is up to us and you, the people, to open the door to a brighter future.

Our government should favor no particular religion but recognize the universal truth in all of them. We should favor no single nation but recognize that if and when all the states in America actually become the United States of America, it can become a truly great example to the world – just as the Founding Fathers envisioned.

All Christians should understood and applied the core teachings of Jesus around universal love, peace, forgiveness, compassion, charity, and pacifism. And the modern son of man, who is even more inclusive, tells you that you should worship only the eternal, omnipresent God, which we cannot hear or see. But we can witness and feel the ecstatic love of the Divine Light and Spirit of God, which is within, above and all around us.

The Proper Way

Now, as was promised, the Spirit of truth, through the son of man, issues judgment, guides you unto truth, shows you things to come, and glorifies the Ancient One who is in heaven with God, who has been represented on earth by many individuals, like Jesus of Nazareth. 

He suggests that in order to take political power away from the proud and militant forces of greed and self-interest from claiming the mantle of religiosity, and stop and prevent them from doing more damage and harm to the rest of humanity, it is necessary to take the wind out of the sails of their man o’ war ship. All we need to do is know and tell the truth about true Christian principles, which they simply ignore.

The truth is that when our "eye" becomes single our mind and body is filled with Light. We see that the kingdom of heaven comes not with observation in the world, but from within — and when it does, we see it is also right here at hand. We see both sides of the story, and realize that reconciling differences and actually making peace is far more constructive than trying to "win the peace" by waging war, whether the battles are in the home, in the neighborhood, in the partisan political arena, or on the military battlefield.

Wisdom is pleasant, and yet firm. And the truth is all we need – the truth that will prevail over the false beliefs and false doctrines that divide us. But we must be fearless in speaking truth to power. Non-violent peacemakers must now speak the truth very clearly, not in a confrontational or overly accusatory way, but in a very firm and frank but reasonable way.

Granted, the religious fundamentalists may want to stick to their guns and claim that it is God’s will to execute the "wrath of God" upon their enemies. But even though there are some words in scriptures that could lead them to believe they should fight a "holy war," there is a very good reason why it was written that God said: "Vengeance is mine," not Man’s. And God’s "vengeance" is not what most "conservative" religious people think.

Man has caused the terrible tribulation we suffer from, and God had nothing to do with it. All the terrible things we suffer from are Man’s fault — OUR fault, collectively, and we brought it upon ourselves even if our complicity was only in being ignorant, careless, uncaring, or gullible in going along with those who had something up their sleeve.

Therefore, we must now learn all the lessons of history, and we need to learn the true purpose of our religions, because this Third World War has become basically about who’s side God is on. And it cannot and will not be won by any of those fighting it, because in killing as they do they disobey and betray God.

That is why no religion will win this war, and no nation will win this war. As Stephen Stills so famously sang back in 1967, "Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong." The only winner will be God and the Spirit of truth, which will ultimately prevail over the false beliefs and false doctrines that produce conflict and divide us.

The Spirit of truth will also prevail over the malicious, violent forces of materialism, greed, and self-interest — the forces that really caused this war and the terrible tribulation from which we all suffer. And when that victory is accomplished, we will all feel like winners.

In the distant future people will see the irony of all this conflict and war, and even though few see it now, as soon as enough people see the futility in fighting and trying to win power over each other, and as soon a enough people get the message that not only delivers righteous judgment but also shows what is to come, it will bring an end to the conflicts and the wars. It will render the proud and militant contrite of spirit, and ashamed, and it will enable the humble and meek to finally inherit the earth

Then, finally, the people of earth will be able to start coming together, make amends, cooperate, collaborate, and work together to achieve common goals for the common good of all the people of earth.

That is why it is now time for all those who are liberal, progressive and reasonable — those of us who are the sheep or doves, who are motivated by the best interests of the vast majority and the poor and the least of our brethren, and who are advocates of peace — to spring into action, and identify with the son of man who identifies with the Prince of Peace.

We must be firm and forthright, and just tell the truth — firmly, steadfastly, righteously, clearly, and reasonably — because God is indeed on the side of the humble, gentle, peaceful and meek, regardless of their religion, race, nationality, or culture.

That is why the son of man wrote his songs and the written message reflected on this site. It is why The Humanitarian and All Faiths Coalition for Peace, Freedom and Justice was founded. 

And, by the way, the son of man has softened with age and has become more forgiving of himself and others as he faces the prospect of being not long for this world. He surrenders to the will of God, whatever it may be, and prays that God will put it in the hearts of the people to seek and find the truth.