About the Message 

Our predicament and this tribulation has increased as we have approached the end of the age, and it was foreseen and foretold, or prophesied. 

However, it was also foreseen and foretold that in order for the humble, gentle, kind, generous, peaceful and “meek” majority of people to inherit the earth and enjoy the birthright with which we've been endowed by our Creator, an authentic, truly righteous judgment would be needed to set things straight.

That is because proper, honest judgment is needed to correct the political and religious leaders of the world who have brought us to this terrible state of inequity and injustice -- because it was not God who caused this tribulation. It was the vain folly of Man.

However, even though a judgment and a divine intervention and intercession was prophesied, it is not as most religious people expected. For while they want a conquering hero and king, the fulfillment of real prophecies is not about the rule of one man, nor is it about one world religion or one world government. Moreover, it has nothing to do with a so-called “holy war” or magic, or anything supernatural. 

The fulfillment of prophecy is about truth, love, reason and justice overcoming false beliefs, hate, bigotry and injustice. And it is about the pen finally proving mightier than the sword.

Fulfilling prophecy, the author of this message is a man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief. He is from your midst, and of your brethren. And he is not a holy man. In fact, he is a contrite son of man who is painfully aware of his failings and mistakes, and realizes his limitations, impotence and helplessness to deal with the elements that are causing such horrific suffering, death, and destruction in our world.

He knows that all he can do is tell the truth and deliver this promised judgment, and trust in God that as soon as enough people get the message it will provide the intervention and intercession that was promised. For it is the message that is important, not the messenger, and it is the truth, and nothing but the truth, that will set us free.

The judgment, intervention and intercession is not to issue commandments. It cannot be imposed, and it is designed not to condemn but to educate; not to punish but to correct; and not to destroy but to save. It is merely to counsel and guide humanity to the truth, explain religious prophecies and the nature of God as much as possible, plead for the poor, the elderly and the disadvantaged, celebrate our diversity, show you things to come, and suggest how we may proceed forward toward a brighter future together.

The judgment and the fulfillment of prophecy is about the liberation and empowerment of the people, so that we may finally become the family of religions and races and nations with governments that will be truly of the people, by the people, and for the people, at long last.

The promised judgment helps us understand that only God the eternal, omnipresent Great Spirit-Parent reigns Sovereign, above all human beings (including he who delivers the message). And it explains that the fulfillment of prophecy is to bring about a reformation of our religions and our governments so that they will use the common wealth for the common good, promote the general welfare, and ensure domestic tranquility, pluralism and freedom of religions, equal rights and opportunities, and justice for all the people.

That is what this comprehensive message and judgment is all about, and the message cites Judeo-Christian scriptural evidence merely because Christianity is the largest religion in the world and the most powerful, but the message is universal in scope and appropriate for all religions. 

The messenger began delivering the message in 1984, but, as was prophesied, he is rejected by his generation. Meanwhile, spiritually blind leaders still lead their blind flocks astray because the greatest refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism and the greatest refuge of a hypocrite is religiosity, and the proud and militant have claimed that their religion or nation or race or culture is superior to all others, or that their wealth entitles them to rule. But, they are woefully wrong.

Know this, that it is the truth, and nothing but the truth, that shall set us free, and the messenger was sent to provide true counsel and liberate and empower you all.

Is It An Impossible Dream?

Some might say the author of this message dreams an impossible dream. 

However, we should consider the inspiration and the context of the lyrics to the song, The Impossible Dream, from the musical The Man of La Mancha. 

It was an impossible dream in the seventeenth century when Cervantes wrote the book that inspired the musical. However, if you read the lyrics to the song, and truly understand the prophecies of Isaiah, you will see they both depict the life and the dream of the man who fulfills the ultimate prophecies.

The Impossible Dream 

(Lyrics from the Man of La Mancha)

To dream the impossible dream,

To fight the unbeatable foe,

To bear with unbearable sorrow,

To run where the brave dare not go, 

To right the unrightable wrong,

To love pure and chaste from afar,

To try when your arms are too weary,

To reach the unreachable star; 

This is my quest, to follow that star, 

No matter how hopeless, no matter how far, 

To fight for the right, without question or pause, 

To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause. 

And I know if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest, 

That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm, 

when I'm laid to my rest. 

And the world will be better for this: 

That one man, scorned and covered with scars, 

Still strove, with his last ounce of courage, 

To reach the unreachable star.

*     *     *     *     *

The Light of that star is not unreachable, and the dream is not impossible. 

You see, the Man of La Mancha was inspired by Miguel de Cervantes's seventeenth century literary masterpiece. It tells the story of Don Quixote and his fellow prisoners as he awaits a hearing during the Spanish Inquisition.

The Spanish Inquisition, like the other parts of the "Christian" Inquisition and the Crusades, were indicative of how corrupt and un-Christian Christianity had become between the third decade after Jesus' death and the fourth century when Christianity became the religion of a military industrial empire, which set the scene for the Inquisition to condemn and destroy "heretics" who dared to speak up against the oppressive Theocracy of the horribly misguided Church. 

The fictional Don Quixote, the "Man of La Mancha," fights the “religious” bigotry, hypocrisy, greed and corruption, understanding that the power of the “Church” was absolutely dominant and impossible to overcome. He knew his dream was impossible. And, right after he rises from his death bed seeming to be revived by inspiration and hope, he dies.

Three centuries later, at the end of the passing age, the modern son of man is like a modern Don Quixote, and even though it is possible he may die before the dream is ultimately and completely fulfilled, he knows it will come true. 

As is explained in the article on Isaiah Chapter 53 (according to the original Hebrew text), the book of Isaiah tells the story of the modern son of man. For he has been stricken and afflicted, bruised, wounded, crushed, suffers disease and many other things, and is rejected, Jesus of Nazareth also said the modern son of man would be. And yet he still dreams the dream, and follows the star, no matter how hopeless his quest seems.

He dreams the dream that is the Real American Dream — the dream of government that will actually be of, by, and for the people — the dream that we will ensure that we will all have full and truly equal rights, actual religious freedom and pluralism, and fair and equitable incomes — the dream that we will establish domestic tranquility and real justice for all. 

He understands and teaches you how and why that dream has been shattered by the Reaganite “Religious Right” in America, and how and why many people suffer because the Reaganite "Gospel of Prosperity" has produced an inequitable political economic system that heavily favors the wealthiest few, produces conflict and division, and fails to establish real equity or justice for all of us.

The Day Will Come 

The day will come when America will fulfill the Real American Dream – when it becomes socially unacceptable to claim that your religion or race or nation or culture is superior to all others in the world.

The day will come when the American people will have government that is actually of the people, by the people, and for the people – rather than of, by, and for the wealthiest few.

The day will come when the United States of America are actually united, under a federal government that properly regulates commerce, promotes the general welfare, ensured domestic tranquility, and ensures equal rights and justice for all the people.

The day will come when peacemakers will prevail, and the American people will work together, cooperate and collaborate, share and share alike, and use the common wealth for the common good, just as Jesus of Nazareth advised.

And that day will come as soon as enough Americans realize how they have been misled by the deceptive forces of greed and self-interest.

Please help make that day come and make the dream come true -- because it is up to you, and all of us, working together to make it so.

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